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Montessori method

 As a philosophy, the Montessori method emphasises the unique individuality of each child. It is a way of thinking about who children are.The method’s founder; Dr Maria Montessori believed in the importance and value of each child and devised an educational approach that freed children to learn and succeed without restriction or criticism.  

The Montessori method's fundametal focus is on the needs, talents and special individuality of each child. We believe children learn best in their own way and at their own pace. The child controls the pace, topic and repetition of lesson's in a controlled, goal orientated environment. The motivational concept is the encouragement of the child's natural joy of learning, which is an instinctive part of any child. When properly guided the method results in a well-adjusted person who has purpose and direction in their life.  

The main goal of Montessori is to provide a stimulating, child-oriented environment where children can explore, touch, and learn. In our Montessori classrooms everything is oriented to the child: there is no teacher's area. The end result is to encourage life-long learning and reinforce the pleasure of encountering and mastering a new skill or idea. The child therefore retains and reinforces their joy of learning and is free to explore their own path and purpose in life.