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Pre-school room

The preschool room can be found on the bottom floor of the nursery. Within this room the children are able to learn a range of skills and developed their own individual learning. A range of activities are provided to ensure all children are able to meet the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Within the preschool there are different areas in which the children can play in. These are; the home corner; the quiet area which includes the reading area and computer area and the construction area. There is also a mathematic corner and a messy play area which the children are able to help themselves to a range of materials and resources.

The patio doors are open throughout the day to allow the children to play outside within a paved patio area. The children have the opportunity to play on bike, with sand and water and construct using a variety of resources. There is also a vegetable garden where the children are encouraged to help grow vegetables such as carrots, beetroot and runner beans. Outside the children have a mud kitchen that children are able to use for explore the environment. Children are also able to have quiet play in the Wendy house where they can find soft toys and reading material. In addition there is a grassed play area which incorporates large apparatus such as a slides and see-saws.

Little Acorns Day Nursery has a strong partnership with the local community arranging visits from professionals such as police offices, the vicar and dentists. Pre-school children also have the opportunity to go on a variety of excursions and walks to the library, church and the local parks.

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